FIRST PIGMENTS, buenos aires

When I was 16 years old, my chemist uncle brought me a precious gift: a few bottles with bright color pigments to dye fabrics, which he kept like a treasure since 1966, when he was working for the textile industry.

Since childhood I have loved to draw, paint, play with colors and spent hours with big boxes of crayons and recycled white paper sheets, knowing with no doubt that textile design was my call. A profession that includes all my favorite likes: painting, drawing, coloring textiles, sewing and always experimenting with a faithful intuition.




Silkscreen Printing

While I was studying Textile Design at the University of Buenos Aires in my home country of Argentina, I discovered a great passion for this technique and decided to pursue specialized training with the local Textile Artist and Designer, Rosa Skific.

Later, I started a silkscreen printing studio with a friend and spent several years designing and printing patterns on fabrics per meter for a number of independent local designers.



Batik in Ghana

In the beginning of the 2000’s my mother was living in Ghana and in every trip back home to visit Argentina she would bring me beautiful Ghanaian fabrics that deeply inspired me with their incredible explosion of colors and patterns produced with a unique technique. After several years of feeding my curiosity, I decided to move to Accra, Ghana’s capital city, and learn everything about Batik.

I landed there in March 2011 with a baggage of dreams, eager to learn all about this traditional craft with a local artisan woman. I attended several classes at her home’s backyard, until I started producing fabrics with my own designs. This led me to teach the technique to local children, introducing them into the fascinating practice. 

When I returned home, with suitcases full of fabrics, colors, unforgettable experiences and precious knowledge, I was ready to start my own project implementing what I have learned.


Natural Dyeing in The Netherlands

With a desire to keep enriching my skills, I decided that natural dyes would be my next step. I moved to The Netherlands in 2012, where I started an internship at Studio Claudy Jongstra, specialized in working with felt and natural dyes. I worked for two years at her laboratory developing and applying unique colors to natural fibers such as wool and silk. This experience allowed me to work in large scale productions, understanding the processes by researching and production.

I spent two years working in this field, where I was fortunate enough to share this technique with others through teaching. Children and adults learned in the studio the chemistry behind the process, and how to extract colors from plants and capture them in the fibers.




In 2014 I launched a label of hand-dyed scarves produced piece by piece in Amsterdam.

It all started with the idea of producing a textile accessory that would be indispensable in this windy, cold, but still very ‘bikeable’ country. I found that 99 per cent of the people wear ‘something’ around their necks to keep them warm throughout the whole year. May it be a soft and thick scarf in the winter, or a light, summer shawl for the warmer months, this item of clothing always comes handy.


After a long intensive research within the local market, I found the supplier that provides me with the best quality of pure raw cotton and wool.

Most of the dyes I use are produced in a windmill in Zaandam, a town near Amsterdam. I also collect rain water for dyeing, and use the leftover dyes for new batches in order to reduce the 'water-footprint' of my products.

The collections are inspired entirely by color exploration, where special hues, saturation and gradients come to life by intentionally varying and altering different dyeing methods.




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