Making colors from food waste (coming soon!)


Making colors from food waste (coming soon!)


From compost to color!

Natural Dyeing Workshop

Many kitchen waste products can be used for dyeing, before you place them in the compost pile. These dye sources are especially fun and easy for the beginning dyer, since they are readily available.
Learning how to cook from scratch is a great way to sharpen your skills for working with natural dyes and vice versa.
We will make colors using: Pomegranate skins, Onion skins, Avocado stones and Carrot tops. Using Soya milk to mordant (fixate) and Lycopodium (bio-accumulator) for animal fibres. 

We will also walk around the Botanical (tinctorial) garden of Blauwe Maandag at AGA LAB where more than 30 different species of painting plants grow for research on ink making. You can find more information here: 

During this workshop you will learn:

1. Types of natural fibres and properties.
2. How to extract colors from food waste.
3. What are mordants?
4. How to use them to fixate the colors.

Each participant will produce: (all this is included)
* A catalogue of swatches using 8 different natural fibres and fabrics.
* Recipes of the colors produced during the workshop.
* 1 cotton bag (20x40cm) to dye that day.

1 class
5 hours duration (from 11-16hr)
A nice brunch! 
Amsterdam West

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